Celery Science Experiment

This is an easy, fast and fun experiment for kids. This experiment shows how water moves up in plants. The colours will climb up to the leaves.

Celery science experiment video.

Items needed:

-Celery stalks


-Food colouring

-Clear cups


-For this experiment, I used smaller celery stalks so that the colours will show up sooner.

-Fill cups with water just until half full.

-Add three drops of food colouring in each cup (for this experiment I did one colour mix, blue and red to make purple).

-Place a cut celery stalk in each cup.

-Enjoy the visual transformation.

The plants stayed in the water for about 5 hours.

This is what they look like 5 hours later. The yellow one showed a brighter pigmentation, the purple one looks more like a dark blue. The blue and red colours showed up really well. The green one looks a lot greener.

Here is a closer look at the stalks. The colours went through the capillaries. This is how plants get water and nutrients all the way to the leaves.

Hope you enjoy watching the video. I had fun doing this experiment.

*An adult supervision is needed.

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