Edible Craft For Father’s Day

This time, I made something that you can eat.

In pictures 1 to 4, I used Graham crackers for the base. I used some frosting to make the crackers stick on the tray. I used crackers and pretzels sticks to make the shed. I used blue frosting with some sprinkles, gold fish crackers and my baby brother’s puffs for the fish pond. The puffs look like starfish. I then used chocolate cereal to put around the fish pond. For the animal farm, I used green frosting for the grass, wafers for the fence and some mini animal crackers.

In pictures 5 to 7, I used wafers, mini oreos and candy eyes to make the trucks. I used pretzel sticks, red frosting and chocolate cereal to make the campfire. Later I added orange M&Ms to look like flames. I took a whole date and split it in half, then I glued the candy eyes on them with white frosting, to make them look like bugs. I then used crush up oreos and brownies to make the rocks and dirt. Please watch the video below to see how I made this craft.

Hope you enjoy the video.

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